Old Masters

 CHARCOAL AND GRAPHITE DRAWINGS (US $250)                                  
Graphite and charcoal art and art off of your photographs is US $250 for the 12 x 12 unframed art size. Contact RenaFineArt@gmail.com.                                                           

After Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring

After Caravaggio: Boy Peeling Fruit

After da Vinci: Head of a Woman (La Scapigliata)

After Bernini: Auto Portrait

After Rodin: "Le Pansevr" - The Thinker

After Rembrandt: Auto Portrait

After Bougeureau: "Baigneuse Accroupie"

After Claudel: Lovers based on "The Abandonment"

After Degas: "Little Dancer"

After Agesander of Rhodes et al. : Laocoon and His Sons